What does it mean to “live as you are called?” Isn’t that one of life’s biggest questions… “What is my calling?” I don’t know about you, but I am always checking in and asking, “God, is this what you will for my life? Am I on the right path?” When I think about my calling I can say that I am a chaplain, I am a wife, I am a dog mom… I am a part of XYZ generation, and I am a part of this or that political party… but my true calling in life is first and foremost to be a child of God. My primary identity is a child of God, the rest is just details. Although these details are often important, they are not the center of who I am and the center of my calling.

Often, we get caught up in thinking that our relationship status reflects our calling. But as Paul teaches… this is not true. You can be single and do the Lord’s work… and you can be married and do the Lord’s work in your life. You can be divorced and do the Lord’s work… and you can be widowed and still do the Lord’s work. If you embrace your true calling as a child of God first, then reflecting on what the world needs, just as you are – single, married, divorced, engaged, or widowed – looks like watching for what doors open, and what doors close… and you go moment-by-moment and day-by-day.

The world does not speak into your identity and calling, only the Lord can do this. The Lord’s will for your life is good and pleasing and perfect… as Paul says in Romans 12. You can rest and trust in this promise for your life, that God can use you with your exact gifts right as you are today. God’s love for you and calling for you is not dependent on what the world says you need (or do not need) in your life… but instead, it is activated when you accept, embrace, and live out your identity and calling as a child of God first… trusting that the rest of the details will fall into place.

Questions for reflection:

1. What are words you would use to identify yourself? Do they align, or not align, with your true calling as a child of God?
2. What are details in your life that bring you stress or worry? Can you give those details to God and ask for his hand over those things so you can center on your relationship of trust with God?