Leadership at Lutheran Church of Hope

At Lutheran Church of Hope, there are multiple teams that make up our leadership. With six campuses and eight Local Sites, there are many roles and leaders who give their all to this church. From the elected, volunteer board Church Council to the vision and leadership teams, and senior and campus pastors, we truly believe we are better together! 

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Church Council Leadership

The Church Council is an elected, volunteer board responsible for setting church policy, making financial decisions and spiritual oversight of the church. They meet 10 times per year (usually the fourth Thursday of the month). This board represents all campuses, and board members must be Hope members voted on by the congregation at the annual meeting in September. 


Dave Maxwell, President 
Mary Stier, Vice President 
Melanie Menken, Treasurer 
Kelly Hamborg, Secretary 

At-Large Members: 

Robert Johnson
Christy Franco
Dennis Folden
Angela Franklin

Hope’s Senior Pastor


Mike Housholder

Meet the Staff at Our Hope Campuses: