Our History

About Lutheran Church of Hope

Lutheran Church of Hope is a multisite church based in West Des Moines, Iowa. Led by senior pastor Mike Housholder, Hope was named the fastest growing church in America by Outreach magazine in 2022. Hope’s mission is to “Reach out to the world around us and share the everlasting love of Jesus Christ.” 

Lutheran Church of Hope began as a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in November 1994. As of 2023, Hope has six campuses in the Des Moines/Ames metro area and eight local sites throughout Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. Local sites are gatherings of 10-100 people who meet for worship via live broadcast from the West Des Moines campus, mission and fellowship. 

Pastor Mike preaching in Worship Center

The Building 

As the church was forming in 1993, less than 20 members worshiped in West Des Moines, meeting in an office suite, then at the Living History Farms chapel. By 1994, the growing church of 255 charter members moved into a new building at 6820 Ashworth Road in West Des Moines. Rapid growth continued, and a building addition with a 250-seat Worship Center was added in 1995. 

In January 1997, the church purchased 24 acres of land at the southeast corner of Jordan Creek Parkway and Ashworth Road. In 2001, a new building with a 750-seat Worship Center was full within two weeks. In 2011, a new Worship Center was built with 2,500 seats as well as a 300-seat Chapel, dozens of classroom spaces, a gymnasium and more. 

The Growth  

Ankeny, Iowa 
In April 2006, a satellite church was launched in Ankeny. A new church building at 520 NW 36th St. opened for Easter in 2015. 

Des Moines, Iowa 
In April 2008, a satellite church was launched in Des Moines, meeting at an elementary school until 2015 when it moved to its own building at 1821 Ingersoll Ave. In 2020, Hope Des Moines renovated and moved into a building at 2500 University Ave. In 2021, Hope Des Moines merged with a multicultural church, Elim Christian Fellowship, to form Hope+Elim. 

Grimes, Iowa 
In September 2011, Hope Grimes was launched, meeting at a middle school in Johnston. A new building at 1335 NE Beaverbrooke Blvd. opened in September 2018.  

Waukee, Iowa 
Hope Waukee launched in November 2014 with worship in an elementary school. One year later it moved to a church building at 305 NE Dartmoor Drive in Waukee. 

Ames, Iowa 
In August 2017, Hope Ames launched with weekly worship at the Ames City Auditorium. It has purchased land in west Ames and looks forward to building a permanent church home there.

God has blessed Hope with a clear vision for the future. Our mission, vision, values and 10 for 10 goals outline Hope’s guiding principles and plans for future outreach.