I often wonder how different our world could be. How different our world could be without the restriction of time. How different our world could be with equality for all people. How different our world could be if everyone knew Jesus.

Can you imagine any of those? Specifically, the last one. How different would your life look if the people around you, whether your work or your family, all knew Jesus? How different would your community look? How different would the world look?

It wouldn’t even be recognizable.

Some people may think, oh well that is never possible. And to that response, I ask why. Why would this never be possible? The response could be a lot of different things, but what I really think it comes down to is that people aren’t willing to share Jesus with others – or with those who need it the most.

We’ve lost our way in our mission. Our mission isn’t to hold onto our relationship with Jesus and keep it away from the world. Instead, we are called to share the love of God and the sacrifice of Jesus with the world. We are to share this relationship in everything we do, with every single person we do life with. It doesn’t always look like just having a conversation about religion, although sometimes it can… sometimes sharing Jesus with the world can look like smiling at a stranger, hugging a friend during a hard time, wearing a shirt that declares love, or sharing a social media post about the character of God.

The author of 1 John calls us to this higher standard when they write, “Dear children, let’s not merely say we love one another… let us show the truth by our actions.” Let us show the world Jesus’ love through our actions and behaviors beyond our words. Let us show the world who Jesus is through our kindness, patience, and love.

When we completely step into our identity as children of God, then sharing Jesus with the world doesn’t become something we plan or are strategic about, it is simply just by being who we are, with confidence of who God is.

So, with that said… I dare you to imagine how different the world could be. And then, soak in that beauty. And when you are ready, ask God how you can be a part of this mission of sharing Jesus with every single person you meet exactly how they need it at that moment.

Questions for reflection:

  1. Take a moment and imagine how different your life could be if everyone knew Jesus. Share that image and desire with the Lord.
  2. How can you be a part of the mission not only through your words but also through your actions and your behaviors with the people around you?