Hope Circle

The Hope Circle: A Faith Journey Template 

The Hope Circle serves as a tool to help you find your place on your faith journey. Before you can take your next step, you need to know where you are. The practices that spark new and continued growth change as people mature in faith. As you read about the four stages of spiritual growth, keep in mind that no stage is “better” than another; each of us is on a personal God-designed journey, and no two journeys are the same. What is important is continually growing to be more like Jesus and cultivating the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). 

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Seekers believe in God but aren’t sure about Jesus. Faith isn’t a significant part of life. 

  • Includes skeptics and those curious about spirituality. 
  • Many serve in different places, though not usually within the church. 
  • Generally view the Bible as irrelevant. 
  • Pray in times of need. 

Key question for seekers: What do I believe about Jesus? 


Believers believe in Jesus and are working on what it means to get to know him. 

  • Includes new or rededicated believers growing in faith and beginning to personally engage in their own spiritual growth. 
  • Learning that everyone is broken and needs a Savior. 
  • Beginning to see the connection between actions and beliefs. 
  • Willing to join a small group and sometimes read the Bible or other Christian books. 
  • Some serve in the church or participate in local or short-term mission service. 
  • Share the excitement of what God is doing in their lives. 

Key question for believers: How do I build a relationship with Jesus? 


Followers want to follow Jesus in their everyday lives and depend on him daily for guidance. 

  • Have increasing devotion to Jesus and take ownership of their spiritual lives. 
  • Bible reading and prayer are central to their lives. 
  • Are authentic before others and recognize their need for their hearts to be transformed. 
  • Demonstrate the Gospel through their lives. 
  • Meet the needs of others by regularly serving inside or outside the church as an expression of their faith. 

Key question for followers: How do I follow Jesus in my everyday life? 


Servants live by letting their relationship with Jesus influence everything they do. 

  • Love God more than anything and are fully surrendered to Jesus. 
  • Prayer and spiritual practices enable constant conversation with God. 
  • God’s love overflows regularly through evangelism, sharing and mentoring others. 
  • Stewardship of all one’s personal resources and God’s world. 
  • Work to bring justice and peace in all human relationships and social structures. 
  • Self-initiate learning opportunities and spiritual friendships. 
  • Know their passions, gifts and calling, and are using them to further God’s Kingdom. 

Key question for servants: Jesus, what shall we do together? 

Lutheran Church of Hope believes Christians are new creations and so we walk in a new life (2 Corinthians 5:17). This new life impacts everything we think and do, and every relationship we have.