Jesus was a master at telling stories, and we find many of these short stories, or parables, in Luke’s gospel. These parables aren’t simple stories for young children, but are multi-layered, richly symbolic stories uncovering the truth of the Kingdom of God, all set in the everyday world of Jesus’ original audience. 

In this class, we’ll explore the cultural context along with the literary forms Jesus used, which will help us understand many of the nuances in the parables that we in the West often miss. Jesus’ parables contain a depth of meaning for our own lives that just might surprise you!

A video of the talk and discussion questions will be posted online each Sunday by 6:00 pm so you can watch at your own pace. 

We will use online forums within the class website to answer questions and discuss topics to help participants process and apply the class information.

This class is held online. Please register to receive the link to the class.


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